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Haters gonna hate: Why company culture should matter to clients


Just to translate for those of you who don’t know the reference, “Haters gonna hate” is a phrase from a hip hop song back in 2000, and it means that haters are going to hate, no matter what you do. People say it to mean you shouldn’t worry about mean people raining on your parade,…

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Blast from the past. A little nostalgic playlist

The format - the first single
Dashboard confessional - warmth of the sand
The weakertyhans - left and leaving
The fray - how to save a life
Saves the day - freakish
David bowie - life on mars
Death cab for cutie - photo booth
Elton john - tiny dancer
The weakerthans - none of the above
Abba - dancing queen
The Atari’s - hidden track
Badly drawn boy - four leaf clover
Modest mouse - the world at large
The weakerthans - aside
David bowie - sound and vision
Shout out loud - go sadness
Regan and Sara - walking with a ghost
Jimmy eat world - 23
Rise against - swing life away

It was well arranged.

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Man Man

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Breakfast of Champions

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Why, yes, it is a ramen sandwich.
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Shadow’s an expert at knowing when it’s time to step away from a project to get a little perspective.
Submit pics of your pets at work!
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